A designer by day, aspiring yogi and spiritual hunter by night. This design company is a dream which aims to combine my passions in a way that results in beautiful, comfortable and inspiring spaces. Located in Seal Beach, I love working on projects where passion meets function and the design meets the needs.

My name is Ali and I am the face behind this page and a trained architect with a passion for spiritual wellness and overall mind-body-soul unity.

I think every space should feel good and calming to the mind. I believe we have more than enough overwhelming, triggering and over stimulating events in our every day lives so our work space and living areas need to be a sanctuary from the chaos, now more than ever.

In our living areas our mind needs to be given an opportunity to rest with soothing colors and elements which are uniquely tailored. Our work areas need to feel invigorating to allow inspiration to flow but calm enough to encourage us to react from a peaceful heart instead of a place of stress.

Things do not happen TO you. They happen THROUGH you. You are the co-creator of everything in your reality.

Gordana Biernat