Nothing like stale air to make a space feel un-welcoming. Plants can add a certain decorative touch and certain plants can help with not only aesthetics but air quality too. Plants absorb questionable gases and air pollutants and create fresh air making a space feel refreshing and inviting. These are some of my favorite air-purifying wonders usually available at your local nursery:

Aloe Vera – this plant is well known because it is often used on skin, especially after an injury or sunburn and it can even be used on hair, but this plant is a great air purifier against benzene and formaldehyde; it needs minimal water to grow and due to its small size, it can be planted in the garden or used indoors

Chrysanthemum – a beautiful flowering plant which can help purify the air as it starts to bloom by about 98%, it also removes ammonia from the air and ads a touch of color to your space

Peace Lilly – such a sweet name for a plant that is so effortlessly striking; this plant removes a huge variety of toxins and needs very little maintenance but touching it can cause skin irritations so place this plant out of easy reach

Rubber Plant – this plant is excellent for purifying the air and can be placed indoors or outdoors; it is said to be harmful to pets, this plant can also eliminate all toxins from the air surface and get rid of formaldehyde from the surroundings

Areca Palm – this pretty palm is a great air-purifying plant which can remove all toxins that can be found inside your home; it can add a lot of greenery and can be placed absolutely anywhere inside your house to improve the quality of air as it is nearly maintenance free

Snake Plant – if you lack a green thumb this is great plant for you as it is absolutely zero maintenance and can be placed literally anywhere including sparsely lit areas like bathrooms; this plant is easy to find and acts as a great shield against damaging formaldehyde; this is a great plant to sleep in close proximity to as it releases oxygen at night

Spider Plant – this plant can remove toxins such as xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde from the air and unlike many other flowering plants, the spider plant grows easily and fast; this plant doesn’t need daily maintenance and loves natural light

Gerbera Daisy – this flowering plant is perfect for indoors and provides great health benefits since it helps in purifying the air in the surroundings; this daisy can bloom every month and adds a lot of color to a space; a little harder to maintain as it needs adequate water flow through its soil and plenty of direct sunlight to keep it healthy

Ficus Fig – this kind of plant is an amazing air purifier because it can work against common gases and chemicals found in the air of your home. This plant does need direct sunlight for its rapid growth so bright rooms are essential. This plant may not be suitable around pets such as cats and dogs if they tend to chew on plants. So, you might need to place this plant away from easy reach of pets.

Devils Ivy – this eerily named plant is one of the best plants that can grow in any weather conditions. Placed in the living area it can grow up to eight feet and can purify the air in the surroundings, especially formaldehyde and benzenes.

Dwarf Date Palm – This plant looks the most like a palm tree and can be placed both inside your home and in your garden because it needs direct sunlight. This little dwarf does not grow bigger and taller it’s only a medium-sized type of plant. Having this plant in the garden helps the surroundings be greener and cleaner. It is a powerful plant that helps cleanse xylene, a commonly found liquid pollutant in water and soil which can be found during lab leaks but also after major forest fires.

Bamboo Palm – this plant is perfect to be placed at the window or near your door. With direct sunlight it grows bigger and healthier in just a short period of time. This plant is amazing at purifying purify the air inside your home and remove chemicals like xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde.

English Ivy – this little plant is perfect to be placed indoors or even in the garden, especially if there are smokers in the house. It serves as an eliminator of carcinogens formed by smoking. It needs moist soil and direct sunlight to make it grow faster and healthier and it can be placed in a big container to ensure its rapid growth.

Dracaena – cleanses xylene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. This plant may grow up to 10 feet with regular watering and care. It only requires little sunlight making it a perfect plant for darker areas of the home away from direct heat of the sun.

Chinese Evergreen – is native to subtropical or tropical regions of New Guinea and Asia. People tend to be successful with this plant because it does not need high maintenance. This plant is perfect for any kind of atmosphere so, you can place it inside your house or grow it in the garden. It is a favorite among plant-lovers because of its attractive-looking leaves and its size.