Sometimes a space is airy and full of plants and still something feels off. This is when crystals can add not only a certain decorative touch but help with the feel of a space. Crystals are beautiful and make a great accessory for spaces and can also be worn as personal talisman. These are some of my favorites and can be found in crystal shops as well as home decor retailers:

Clear Quartz – this crystal is one of the most common as it goes with pretty much any color scheme, is one of the most common crystals in the world and makes things clear. It clarifies the energy in a space, makes the mind clear and allows for focus and concentration. This crystal comes in many formations including points, masses, grains, prisms, and can easily be threaded and worn as jewelry.

Smoky Quartz – clears out mental fog and works to gets rid of anger, fear, jealousy, and depression. This crystal is a grounding stone known for its ability to help move on from difficult or painful experiences of the past to a higher state of being. The stone cleanses and purifies energy fields and absorbs stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, or other negative vibrations.

Amethyst – best known for helping people fall asleep, this crystal is perfect to accompany meditation especially intending to release of what no logger serves. It can also be helpful to place it under the pillow to ward off negative energy at night. Amethyst Crystals emit a spa-like atmosphere of relaxation into every room they are placed and add a sparkle of color to the decor. In office environments it lends to business insights, it exudes pattern breaking properties that are well-suited to those with addictive personalities and it is the crystal of love as it helps to slow rash decisions and speech.

Rose quartz – speaking of love, this crystal exudes love. Love for self, love for friends, family and lovers. Rose Quartz stones help to heal all aspects of the heart by unblocking the energy clogs in the heart chakra and allowing love energy to flow for self and others. This beautiful soft pink crystal is a pretty addition to any space and as a meditative necklace especially when the crystal lands on the heart.

Citrine – this crystal is known as the ‘money stone’ because it elevates optimism and energy, consequently bringing opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. By working with the solar plexus chakra, it warms the core to radiate power, centeredness, confidence, and endurance and unlike other stones that absorb negative energy this stone clears it to create a bright, sunny and welcoming environment.

Pyrite – another great wealth stone, placing a Pyrite Crystal at work and at home invites abundance, success and wealth. It boosts confidence and helps to remove a lack mindset and any old ideas about attracting wealth. This beautiful rock comes in clusters, cubes and touch stones and often as a counterpart to basalt which adds a grounding quality and can be stunning when placed in front of mirrors to further reflect abundance. Pyrite protects the aura and acts as an energetic shield against negativity. It is a magnificent stone to use after meditation as it exudes powerful energies of Mother Earth and helps in grounding while helping to brighten the energy of a space by reflecting the golden energy of the sun.

Tiger’s Eye – this is the eye of the world and is great for easing feelings of depression or overwhelm as it provides clarity, deeper understanding and new perspective. Its energy inspires courage and confidence, making it the perfect stone to work with when facing big life changes as it connects to the third eye and inner wisdom.

Labradorite – this brilliant stone clears and opens all the chakras within the body but especially the throat and third eye chakras. It reduces self-consciousness and shields the aura from attempts to put down energy, keeping ill-wishes and jealousy away. This stone is lovely in any room as it sits as a dark, smooth, rock but flashes color depending on the angle and viewpoint.

Hematite – this stone both removes negative energy and acts as a shield that blocks negative energy from entering in. It’s best for issues around the root chakra, such as anxieties, irrational fears, and feelings of being unsafe. Hematite’s ability to deflect negative energy like a layer of soothing, positive outer skin this stone has been known for connecting the body to the earth and ensuring that our basic needs are taken care of by grounding our root chakra firmly.

Shungite – this stone is a must have for blocking EMF energies around the home or office, clearing drinking water as well as purification and detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. It serves to dispel negative energy in a unique way as it protects against outside forces, not just energy that is immediately around us or in us. This crystal is made with almost all of the elements on the periodic table and is bursting with energy ready to absorb and eliminate anything hazardous to the body. Shungite is available in many forms including spheres, plates, pyramids, wands, cubes, even objects like merkabahs, phone holders or jewelry.

Black Obsidian – the raw elements of fire, water, and earth combine together to form this volcanic stone and cut through negativity metaphysically. Lies, disruptive emotions, blockages, unresolved relationships, bad habits, and the like are sliced and gone with this crystal. Acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner, this crystal protects and cleanses the aura of negative attachments, old patterns and toxic emotions, which help unearth any destructive thought patterns that are standing in the way of spiritual growth. 

Black Tourmaline – this crystal has been used for thousands of years by shamans to banish evil spirits and negative energy. Today, it’s primarily used as a defender as it will take negative energy such as stress, pressure, anger, frustration and inactivity and direct it back to the sender. It’s like a protective force field around the home as it turns negative energy and into positive, redirects stress into motivation, turns anger into dedication or commitment to change.

Lapis Lazuli – used since the time of ancient Egyptian, this stone helps bring awareness, intuition and inner wisdom to the forefront. Its gold specks of pyrite give it the power of illumination to see the magic in the universe. Lapis Lazuli healing properties include physical benefits including easing of migraines and headaches making it a perfect stone to keep on the nightstand. 

Sodalite – this stone fills the mind, body and spirit with the energies of trust, harmony and acceptance to help with clear, concise communication. Sodalite has a calming effect on the body, bringing soothing and balancing energies into the spiritual field. One of the most important sodalite stone properties is that it provides insight into the self, allowing a deeper look at strengths, weaknesses, desires and goals. The stone is also very beneficial for deepening your meditation and might just be the perfect accessory in any dorm room, study area or classroom where clear communication is key.

Blue Lace Agate – is another beautiful stone which helps with clear communication and calm. Although this stone is usually worn as a jewelry around the neck instead of as an accessory within a space it is worth mentioning as it helps with clear communication with self and others. Perhaps a bowl of touchstones in key areas around the home including the office or dining room.

Celestine – this heavenly stone is ideal for anyone prone to overthinking, worry, or stress. The celestite crystal prevents burn out, anxiety and doubt as it connects to the highest realms of consciousness to channel serenity within higher chakras. This crystal aids with meditation, falling asleep, sleeping through the night without waking up and promotes restful sleep. This crystal is perfect for baby’s room and on any nightstand.

Blood stone – this crystal gets the blood pumping with revitalizing energy. It fills the spirit with a surge of life force energy, confidence and courage to enjoy living in the now. Working with this stone encourages focus on areas of life that have become stuck and stagnant to get the energy moving again. Keeping this stone around the house encourages the flow of energy to keep moving which might be extra important for areas that don’t have much movement such as the back of a closet or attic space that can create a cozy space for unwanted energies.

Selenite – known as a source of light, it dispels darkness and quickly unblocks any stagnant, stuck energy to promote a positive, healthy flow. This stone is perfect for gridding the home, especially around windows and doors, as it helps dispel unwanted spirit energy, bringing calm, mental clarity and deep peace to the space. It also evokes protective energy from the angelic realm to clear and shield the mind, body and spirit.